Northampton boat club originally "Weston boat club" was formed in 1911, and is reputed to be the second oldest boat club of its kind in the country. A book chronicling the clubs history is available on request from the club secretary, and makes very interesting reading to both boating enthusiasts, and local historians alike.

Our club membership is capped at 150, although occasionally we do have spaces that become available. To apply for membership, the main criteria is that you own a boat. Craft length for a regular mooring is restricted to 50 feet, although visitors with longer craft can stay temporarily for up to 2 weeks. If you have a larger craft moored elsewhere, you are still more than welcome to apply for membership. Alternatively if you are a member of another boat club you can also apply for associate membership.

We have an active sailing club which meets on Thursday evenings throughout the summer, and some excellent private fishing spots exclusive to club members - sshhh!!!

If you would like to visit us by boat please contact our Harbour Master for mooring availability or fill in our Visitors Application online.

"Northampton Boat Club welcomes all Boaters"


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